Seller's Terms and Conditions

All invoices are due upon receipt unless otherwise agreed upon. Residential customers must pay prior services rendered. Commercial customers vary net 15/30/45 based on terms agreed upon. Unpaid invoices are theft of services and The Magic Touch Cleaning Services will pursue criminal charges in the event of unpaid invoices. Customers will also be subject to debt collection attempts and late fees for unpaid invoices. Customers will be responsible for all debt collection fees, late charges, legal fees and attorney fees associated with collection of the balance due on invoices for services rendered. Cancellation fees will be applied to anyone who does not cancel two hours in advance. If an employee arrives onsite and then services are cancelled in person the customer will be responsible to pay the appointment cancellation fee of $100. 


In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we are still servicing essential businesses. We provide disinfection services using a fogger and thorough cleaning practices. We are available to service your business or office 24/7... call for a quote

All staff will wear masks, keep 6ft social distancing practicing and provide professional cleaning services so that your team can feel safe and secure. 

​Helpful tips and tricks

Disclaimer; some of these ideas we have tested and found useful. These are not the ideas of our company, just a platform to share what clever individuals have created to make all of our lives easier.... try at your own risk.